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Why You Should Take Online Privacy Seriously

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Založen: 26.2.2021
Příspěvky: 1305
Bydliště: Korea

PříspěvekZaslal: čt srpen 12, 2021 3:46 pm    Předmět: Why You Should Take Online Privacy Seriously Citovat

Surveillance capitalism often makes it seem like we're in peril. Every single action we make is being monitored. Every single click, post, and every destination we go to is being monitored. The government and the corporations are collecting as much information as possible to monitor, exploit and manipulate us. What is so shocking? Data of people is being used to influence elections as well as to sell them stuff that feeds on their deepest fears. This is getting worse. Insurance companies use algorithms to analyze your personal information to determine how much insurance you'll need. Through your internet activity companies are tracking your education level as well as your television habits and purchases, your the status of your marriage, family history, and a million other things. This means that the algorithm is likely to identify you as a high-risk person for depression if you recently divorced or purchased larger-sized clothes. Mental health services is expensive for an insurance company. They make you pay more. It's so much enjoyable. What could we do to alter this? It seems as though every thing we do, as well as anyone we meet, contributes to the huge database on the internet that contains details about us. Is there anything we can do about it? Make sure you're protected. Even though it can appear like you're losing it some of your privacy, there are still ways to make a positive difference. It's impossible to totally get out of the system. But there are a few actions you can take. The following are the steps I used to achieve my goal.

Step 1 Know the process of data collection
To combat this first, you need to understand how your personal information is being gathered. You probably know at the simplest level that any information you share online either public or private, can be monitored and stored. This is true for any emails, social media posts , as well as WhatsApp messages and browsing history. It is crucial to realize that anything you do on the internet will generate data about you. Companies are becoming more sophisticated in how they gather information about you.
Google is an example. They continue to find ways to collect your data. Google Street View cars that drive around the world taking pictures were found to be secretly searching WiFi networks to steal personal information from encrypted transmissions. Google Glass wearable technology allows the wearer to look inside private spaces. Google Home listens to all your conversations as long as it's turned on. Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. owns Niantic. In the year 2016 Pokemon Go was launched by Niantic. The game made use of your phone's camera as well as GPS to assist players locate Pokemon and was an excellent method of gaining access to the hidden nooks and crannies of your own life as well as private places that were not accessible. Google might also view Pokemon Go as a test to determine if players can be digitally manipulated to travel where they like. These companies are very sneaky and it is crucial to be aware of what information you might be giving away every time you browse the internet.

Step 2 - Find out the process for tracking your data
It's clear that information regarding you is being gathered. However, how are they used?
At any moment at any given time, the five big players (Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon) are monitoring your complete digital footprint. Your personal data is gathered through email, social applications and streaming. Because these big 5 have a monopoly on the market for data and can create data hyperlinks. Facebook has its own social media platform as well as also owns WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook allows users to connect these platforms to create a huge profile that includes all three data sources. If you are using Facebook to log in to your Spotify and other accounts, you'll soon have a bulk of data points that are being sent to the storehouse. It is imperative to remove the links between the data points to stop your data from being transformed into a detailed personal profile. This means you must keep your data separate to stop the creation of these links. This isn't an easy task. Some take this issue seriously and work to delete their digital footprints. This makes it difficult to ensure that their actions and movements to not be tracked. This could include creating multiple online identities as well as using cash instead of a card. It also includes having different email and phone addresses for different purposes. This can be difficult for many. The decision to delete your Facebook and Google profiles will make it nearly impossible to work at a time like this.
What else can you do?

Step 3: Make some small digital changes
"The people will be split between those who are more convenient and those who prefer to be private." -Niels O. Finnemann Niels O. Finnemann
What level of convenience would you be willing to give up in order to protect your privacy secure? There is a good chance that you're not ready to sacrifice as much.
So I'll help you out with a few manageable, little steps I've taken to give me back some of my privacy. These steps are small enough to aid in limiting the amount of data they gather and give you more freedom when surfing the internet.

UniMe UniWorld The All-in-One Ecryption App
The app connects users and virtual assistants to improve the quality of life for both personal and professional. It includes wallet payments as well as verification and other features. These features are integrated with the full range of features you'd expect from AI or Blockchain. See unime. Unity, a part of the UniWorld Ecosystem brought this app to you. (Follow Human rights protection.)

DuckDuckGo -- A safer search engine
You can learn a lot from your internet searches. What you search for can reveal your most personal thoughts, concerns, and private moments. Web search is among those search engines that's easy to keep private. DuckDuckGo, which gives similar results to Google's own search engine, is a great alternative. DuckDuckGo is my favorite search engine due to the fact that you can search privately and not worry about being monitored. It also provides security on the site and monitors tracking.

Brave -- Safer Web Browser
Google can continue to track your DuckDuckGo usage if they use the Chrome web browser. It is essential to select one that is not tracked and is secure. Tor is the most secure browser. However, it will require some time to get familiar with. I prefer Brave as it's the best out-of-the-box web browser, and it's fast and secure. It's also private. You can also get it for Android and iOS.

Bromite is the securest Google browser for Android.
It's the top mobile browser and offers enhanced privacy as well as an ad blocker. Unfortunately it's only accessible on Android.

Telegram - A better messaging mobile application
It is not an easy task to transfer conversations from WhatsApp to a different mobile app. Most people continue to use WhatsApp and are hesitant to switch. Signal is the best choice for security and privacy. Signal isn't used often and doesn't come with enough features to cause users to switch to other apps.
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Založen: 26.2.2021
Příspěvky: 1305
Bydliště: Korea

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